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Writer's Block: Eat, Drink, Be Merry

The only traditional winter holiday food that I'm not particularly fond of is mincemeat. Well, my mom's homemade jelly doughnuts for Chanukah tend to be hard, burnt, and rather pathetic. But her latkes and brisket? Out of this world!

I really love all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, even the sweet potatoes with marshmallows that Woof won't touch. (Yummmmm, that means more for ME.)
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More stove squee

I am cooking chicken in the oven, and risi-bisi on the stovetop. I did not have to lie down on the floor to light the oven! The oven heated up in just minutes! It sheds very little heat -- the door is still cool to the touch, and so is the stovetop (where I'm not cooking on it). I was able to precisely control the heat on the stovetop, and I won't have to scrub soot off the bottom of the pot later on. This is so cool!

(I don't think I realized just how ratty the old stove was until we got the new one.)
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Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls

Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls for two seders


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Makes 48 servings, with one matzah ball each. For every additional matzah ball per serving add two boxes of mix, eight eggs, and 1 cup oil.

The secrets of success for this soup are using olive oil, letting the matzah ball batter sit for at least ten minutes before cooking, and not overcooking the carrots.
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Plomeek Soup

"What is this soup called?", bbwoof asked.

"It's spinach and sausage, no special name", I shrugged.

"I hereby declare that spinach plus sausage equals plomeek", he said.

"Sounds familiar... Star Trek, right?"

"It's the soup that Nurse Christine Chapel served Spock at the beginning of Amok Time. Since Vulcans are vegetarians, we know that plomeek is a plant."

"But sausage is not vegetarian."

"Ah hah! Thus we know that plomeek tastes like sausage!"

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Serve with hot corn muffins on the side... mmmm, good.

ETA: Use five cups of water. Five. Not two and a half.
(I doubled and modified a base recipe on the fly when I made this soup; forgot to double the amount of water as I wrote it down.)
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Incendiary Food Log, Day Seven

Today I ate:

Breakfast, 8:30 am
1 cup coffee with a splash of skim milk, no sugar
1 banana

Snack, 10:00 am
1 hardboiled egg rolled in a few (4? 5?) crushed jalapeno & lime potato chips

Lunch, 12:30 pm
2 oz cheddar cheese
12 little crackers (Sociables)
2 carrots, cut into sticks
3 mini almond Snickers
20 oz bottle of water

Snack, 4:00 pm
1 large skim-milk latte
1 cranberry-pecan scone

Dinner, 9:00 pm
1 "crunchwrap supreme" from Taco Bell
1 soft beef taco
large raspberry iced tea, sweetened

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Observations about Incendiary Food

I have been participating in the Incendiary Food performance art, and it has really raised some issues for me.

When I first read fearfuloptimist's post that started the whole thing, I was a bit taken aback. My first reaction to her was to be taken aback. She was admitting to eating candy! Pie! Junk food! With no apology, no remorse! Didn't she know that people would be judgmental? Didn't she know that she was opening herself up to criticism?

And then I realized that that was exactly why she was doing it.

I thought of myself as fat-positive and self-assured, until I started participating in Incendiary Food. Every day, I've had to self-edit so I won't explain, so I won't apologize. ("I really don't drink this much, usually. I'm just eating up the Halloween candy, it's not like I always have Snickers bars for breakfast. I had to buy that scone, it was a charity bakesale. And it was a really little one.")

So, this has been a very good exercise for me. Straightforward, no excuses, this is me and this is what I eat and it's nobody's business but my own.

It has also been fascinating to see what other people eat.

I have seen that most people who are logging their food at incendiaryfood routinely skip a meal or two.

I have seen that most participants (with a few notable exceptions) never eat the USDA recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. For a sedentary 40-year-old woman, that's 1.5 "cups" of fruit and 2.5 "cups" of vegetables -- you actually need over 2 cups of raw greens to count as 1 cup.

I have seen that most participants here are a lot more into their food than I am. It's lovingly described and praised, in detail.

I have seen people who self-identify as too thin and "not eating enough", eating more calories per day than other people who beat themselves up about eating SO MUCH and being fat.

(As near as I can tell, the biggest eating differences between those who self-identify as fat and those who self-identify as thin, are that the "fat" ones skip more meals and eat fewer vegetables than the "thin" ones.)

Occasionally I see someone whose eating habits look like mine, and I want to embrace her. Sister! Fellow eating spirit! You too snack frequently and generally have toast in the morning! You too munch on leftover Halloween candy, and don't know where the heck your apples were grown! Come on over for dinner some night, and we'll have chili mac, with ice cream for dessert.

(Cross-posted to incendiaryfood)
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Lots of links

I've been collecting links to interesting things, which I'd like to share with you:

A British Medical Journal article about the importance of randomized controlled trials... and parachutes. A must-read for anyone interested in the intersections of logic, common-sense, and the scientific method.

As long as we're looking at UK sites, I hope that this online British candy store can ship to the US, because I really want some of its products!

Special to anyone who knows me in RL: how do you think I'd look in this dress? I'm thinking of getting it for the wedding.

Remember the Billy Joel anthem "We Didn't Start the Fire"? I love this presentation of it, both for the pictures and the commentary. (Warning, sound starts as soon as it loads.)

If you click on no other links, click on this one: A Pittance of Time. Much to think about.
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Incendiary Food Log, Day Six

(To be updated throughout the day)

Breakfast, 9:00 am
1 cup coffee with splash skim milk, no sugar
1 peanut-butter and jelly sandwich (made with no-sugar-added peanut butter, and quince jam)

Snack, 11:00 am
1 cheese stick

Lunch, 1:30 pm
1 egg sandwich (2 buttered slices whole-wheat bread sprinkled with chicken bouillion powder, 1 hardboiled egg, several leaves of iceberg lettuce)
4 mini KitKat bars
1 cup coffee with powdered creamer, no sugar

Snack, 4:30 pm
1 giant honeycrisp apple

I didn't make the pizza after all. Woof and I had some errands to run directly after work, and were too hungry to wait until we got home to eat.
1 large bowl of hot and sour soup
1 serving of orange chicken, with broccoli
(traded one bite of mine for one bite of Woof's Hunan chicken with carrots)
1 cup of rice
several little cups of tea
1 fortune cookie

1 half of a giant honeycrisp apple