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The Fox's Den

24 July
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I am a computer programmer/analyst, struggling along with the occasional contractor position, the occasional temp job, the occasional free-lance assignment. So goes the economy.

Isn't it interesting how people describe themselves by their profession? Why didn't I start by saying, "I am a cheese-eater", or "I am an overweight white girl", or "I am an insatiable reader", or "I am the mother of two fabulously brilliant daughters"?

OK, well, I am all that and more. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I'm currently looking for my next IT or technical writing assignment. In my free time I spend too much time on LJ. At least once a week I play the geeky card game "Magic: the Gathering".

I also keep busy with St. Louis Area Mensa, sit down for dinner at least once a month with my extended family, tend an over-ambitious vegetable garden, spin with a drop spindle and try to knit. I am still looking for a folk-dance group to dance with that will be easy on the joints.

I'd love to talk with other Jewitches, Discworld fans, Magic the Gathering players, and young grandmas. (My first grandson was born on July 4, 2008!)

My worst habits are biting my nails and fighting with trolls. I also have a weakness for glazed doughnuts.

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