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Book Poll Follow-Up

I'm so glad you guys are book-lovers. I was sure you were, but you can be surprised.

Between us bbwoof and I own over 2000 books. I'm pretty sure of this because I know that I owned 1000 a few years ago when I counted them. I've bought a few hundred since then. When we moved in, bbwoof had roughly the same number of boxes of books as I did. So... Yeah, lots o' books.

The bulk of my books were in a storage unit for a couple of years, and then with me but still boxed up for the next year. Since we moved into our home at WinneBagEnd, we've been able to unpack only about half of them. Books are in boxes stacked in the living room, in piles all over the place, and piled haphazardly on not enough shelves.

I do have cookbooks on the kitchen counter, but I've not yet had to start keeping them in kitchen cabinets... Still, I was heartened to see that at least six people on my f'list do so. This is keeping your priorities straight: first come the books, and then the soup bowls and canned tunafish!

The one place I don't have books is in boxes in the basement. Both bbwoof and I have lost books to mildew by storing them that way. Besides, what's the point of having walls if you don't put bookshelves on them?

We are in the process of turning our second bedroom into a Library. We kind of got stuck after painting the walls. Last weekend we bought the window treatments, real wood venetian blinds that look very handsome and luxurious. The goal for next weekend is to paint the woodwork and hang our new blinds. Then we can start filling the walls with new bookcases, and start putting our fiction on the shelves. I want to sort the books alphabetically by author's last name; we might need to separate hardcovers from paperbacks, though, just to get them all to fit.

Non-fiction will remain in the bookcases in the dining room. Most of the non-fiction is mine, and I'll reinstate the arrangement by subject that I used to have. It was loosely based on the Dewey Decimal system, with computers and programming languages in with math instead of off on their own in front of everything else, and with religion in with "folklore" instead of its own separate category.

The bookcase in the bedroom will hold books-to-be-read: library books, books borrowed from other people; and newly purchased books.

That's the plan, at least. The real question is, how long will that last before we have piles of books spilling off every surface again?
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Things to do in 2006: Household

Vent the tenant's dryer out the back basement window, instead of sharing a dryer vent
Bring all electricity up to modern standards
Various cement work: tuckpointing the back porch, fixing the back walk, and repairing the chimney cap
Fix the pantry door knob so it will stop falling off (ideally in a way that preserves the original glass knob)

Plant flowers in middle terrace
Dig out weeds from beds in back, cover with black plastic to kill weeds
Plant at least a couple of tomato plants this year.
Maybe a tub of mint, too.
And some parsley, and radishes, and bell pepper, and zucchini, and basil, and lettuce?
Put a nice fragrant dwarf lilac or two in the space on the east side of the front steps

Purchases -- New
Microwave oven, possibly an over-the-range model with a range hood
Toaster (simple little one)
Basic laser printer
Garbage disposal unit
This bookcase for the bedroom, to match our new wardrobes
Hand shower attachment for shower-head
Dehumidifier for the basement

Purchases -- Used
Air Conditioner window units (the Higginbothams are installing central air and may sell us their four window units)
Freezer for the basement
Couch for basement rec room
Coffee table/folding table for basement rec room
Bookcases for guest-bedroom/office

Purchases -- Pie in the Sky
Good fast computer for me, definitely with flat screen, possibly laptop?
Kitchen range with sealed burners so it's easy to keep clean
Ventilation fan in bathroom (we'd have to cut a hole in the outer wall)
Lazy Boy recliner for bbwoof
A comfy swivel rocker chair for me, with an ottoman to put my feet up
Love seat for guests to sit on
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Flowers and Daughters

This evening I bought mums, pansies, and pumpkins to prettify the front of the house. Sadly, it's because the very nice couple that own the house have put it on the market. If they sell it, our lease will be honored. But when it's up next summer, who knows? Either we might not like the new owners, or they may have other plans for the property. I am mildly distressed because I don't want to move again. Oh well.

Maybe nobody will want to buy it? Naw, it's too cute.

But I offered to put the "color" in because I've been planting bulbs in the front anyway. The owners will reimburse me for the mums and pansies. (I think I may be on my own for the pumpkins, but that's OK. I like having pumpkins out there for Halloween!)

maiabee8 had gone to the nursery with me, and she unloaded the plants while I scooted cross-legged to the bathroom. Indoor plumbing, how I love it!

After emptying car and bladder, we went to Wei Hong, my favorite Chinese restaurant, where I had the pleasure of feeding my baby and sending her home with leftovers and a bag of bean buns. I love spending time with maiabee8! Even more than I love bean buns... Ummmm, bean buns...

To top off a good day, when I got home I cybershopped with josiosings. I called her, got a good idea from her about what gift to get for future-son-in-law Adam, and looked for it on the internet while she looked at the same sites. We found something good for my brother, too.

Contented sigh. I like being employed.
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Pissy Wednesday

Here is what I hate about PeopleSoft:

  • PeopleSoft Query automatically adds row level security to all queries, which creates automatic unions, and has the end effect of making it impossible to create left outer joins.
  • PeopleSoft Query does not let you write the SQL for your queries. You have to use its clunky wizard.
  • There are hundreds of unnecessary fields, which the IS department is afraid to delete since, who knows, someday we may want to collect resumes written in Japanese.
  • The data is not fully normalized. I can find an applicant's status in at least three different tables, which do not necessarily update simultaneously.
  • PeopleSoft Query is very wimpy. It cannot handle large amounts of data.

Here is what I hate about the group of graduate students renting the front half of the house:

  • They cannot be bothered to unlock the gate and take their trash out to the alley in the dumpster. Instead, they simply throw bags of trash over the fence, where it is torn open by marauding raccoons and scattered.
  • Sometimes they cannot even be bothered to walk all the way to the fence. They simply throw bags of trash out their kitchen window onto our back porch, where it is torn open by marauding raccoons and scattered.
  • And occasionally they don't even bother to bag the trash they throw out the kitchen window.
  • They broke a kitchen window pane and never bothered to clean up the shards of glass that fell onto our back porch.
  • As a glance through that broken window will show you, they live in the utmost slobbery. Scraps of food, sticky dirt, old open containers and dirty dishes cover all surfaces of that kitchen. No wonder we get roaches, despite how hard we work to keep our own kitchen clean.
  • They keep their part of the cellar absolutely filthy, too, and keep trying to put their stuff into our section.
  • They park on the grass in the back yard (which is our lawn) even though there are spaces available for them on the parking pad.
  • Sometimes they simply park in the driveway, blocking my way back to the parking pad behind the house.
  • They are running a recording studio there without a business license, letting us enjoy the late-night rap jam sessions for free, any night of the week.
  • They have frequent loud, long, pointless arguments.
  • Sometimes those arguments have included so much screaming that we have called the police.
  • They have at times failed to sort the mail and have taken ours into their mess-pit, where it disappears.
  • When confronted with any of these offenses, not a one of them passes our complaints on to any of the others.
  • When I gave a group of them a piece of my mind last night, one of them jumped up and down like a demented monkey on crack, saying "Yeah, I was born in a barn!", another just shrugged and said, "Whatever...chill out...", and the third told me that she would move her car because she wanted to, not because I told her to.

Here is what I hate about stupid people who don't have the decency to know they're stupid:

  • They write idiotic women's seders that claim that "our tradition overlooks the women", while failing to include basic traditional texts and interpretations that emphasize women's importance.
  • They think that their lives are so dramatic and their pain so unusual and their childhoods so traumatic, that they can abrogate their adult responsibilities. Or at least get lots and lots of sympathy for dragging their poor little hurt psyches out into the world.
  • As a corollary, they know that they are special and misunderstood and repressed, and therefore heroic.
  • They refuse to make an effort to understand that post hoc ergo propter hoc is the most common, and most dangerous, logical fallacy. It does not mean that A causes B, simply because B occurs after A!
  • If they cannot defend their stance with facts and logic, they are still convinced that they are right because their feelings were hurt.
  • They do not appear to know the difference between your and you're, nor between it's and its.
  • And don't get me started about there, their and they're.

Here is what I hate about being pissed off:

  • I am not in good enough physical shape to run off the anger.
  • I do not have access to fire-arms. Well, that's probably a good thing.
  • Much as I'd like to skewer someone with my brilliant wit, my wit's not shiny enough to be truly effective.
  • I want to be calm, serene, and reasonable, dammit.