Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

What's Cooking?

Sunday: It's almost the end of the summer, and Sveinn is out of town building a replica Viking longhouse, but the Pizza Quest continues! Kris and I went to St Louis Pizza & Wings, in Florissant. It was hard to find the little store-front take-out pizza place, hidden in the back of a strip mall at right angles to the main road. But it was worth doubling back to find it. This is excellent cheese pizza, with a chewy crust, lots of cheese, and a sauce that hits the just-right balance point between sweet and tangy. I want to go back again!

Monday: Something creative with the leftover chicken. Pasta?

Tuesday: Dinner from the synagogue where I teach Hebrew in an after-school program on Tuesdays. They've started this as a fund-raiser, marketed mostly to parents of the students but also available for the teachers: pick up dinner when you pick up your child! Dinner tonight is chicken fajitas.

Wednesday: Polish sausage and sauerkraut; potatoes; brussels sprouts.

Thursday: Fend for yourself, eat-up-the-leftovers night.

Friday: Chicken curry; spinach; rice.

Saturday: Beef stew with beans.

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