Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

LO Soup

I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday, making soup out of the leftovers and odds and ends of vegetables.

This incarnation of LO Soup is particularly good because I started it early enough in the day that I could take my time to do it right.

I very slowly sauteed the sliced mushrooms, lone leek, shredded carrots, chopped celery, the diced edible half of a sad bell pepper,  wilting spinach leaves, and an onion. Leftover chicken broth from the freezer formed the base of the soup, with the last handful of dried lentils and a matching handful of dried bulgur wheat for protein. Flavored with curry powder,cumin, smoked Spanish paprika, salt, and lots of garlic, then finished with a nice splash of lemon juice to brighten it up.

Mmmmm. I have lunch for several days now, and its gooood.

Tags: cooking, recipes

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