Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

What's Cooking at Turf House?

Very little actual cooking this week -- even Wednesday's dinner will be made in slow-cookers -- which ought to help keep the house cool. :-)

Sunday: At the second day of the Known World Bardic Congress and Cook's Collegium, where the motto apparently is "Comede! Comede! Nimis tu tenuis es!". At least I was able to work off some of the food by volunteering in the kitchen, right? Nope. The feast mistress set aside all sorts of special goodies for the cooks and servers. We rolllled out of there that night.

Monday: Toast, cheese, pickles, and ginger tea.

Tuesday: Tuesday night dinner with Mom.

Wednesday: Baingan Bharta, palak chole, rice.

Thursday: Bringing a couple of Tarts for Ymbre Day to the monthly pot-luck dinner of my local Society for Creative Anachronism (medieval re-enactor) group, the Barony of Three Rivers.

Friday: Going to the opening reception of a tapestry-weaving exhibit, New Art of the Loom. Will probably get dinner out somewhere afterwards with friends.

Saturday: Eating hamburgers, drinking beer, and dancing at my friend Hrodwyn's birthday party.
Tags: menu planning

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