Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

Meet Maude. Or maybe Galileo.

So help me, I bought a minivan.

It's a 1996 Toyota Previa with 194,000 miles on her. I paid $2000, then spent another $500 on brakes and belts so she'll last another 200,000 miles. She's been inspected, licensed, and is almost ready to be a member of the family. The question now is, what do I name her?


Because she looks so much like a beat-up shuttlecraft, I am tempted to paint NCC-1701/7 on her side and name her Galileo. But, really, I think her name is Maude. What do you think?


In that picture you can also see my new home. Here's a better picture. Because the street name is Turf Court, and because my basement apartment is long, narrow, dark and cozy, I have taken to calling it Turf House.


Pictures of the inside of Turf House will have to wait a bit, though, until it's fixed up.
Tags: cars, house, pictures, turf house

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