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A Few Good Links

Usually, it's a good idea to avoid reading comments on any news story. But not this one! Be sure to read the comments on this science news story; they range from educational to charming:
Gravity’s strength still an open question

The comments following this article are worth reading, too, although many are frustrating to any American who cares about the future of healthcare in their country. Too many people in the US still believe that "we have the best healthcare in the world", and make unsubstantiated excuses for our failing system even when faced with clear and convincing evidence of its failure:
How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally

"Executive Function", EF, describes how well our brains handle attention, self-control, working memory, problem solving, etc -- essentially, how our brains cognitively manage themselves. People with weak executive functions tend to have poorer health, higher crime rates, lower incomes, and generally more miserable lives than those who exhibit strong, effective EF. It's only recently that I have learned, to my surprise, of how much evidence there is that physical exercise strengthens cognitive EF!
Don't be put off by the dry title of this article, it's fascinating. What programs encourage the development of EF in children? Aerobic exercise is good, but Tae Kwon Do is even better. Classrooms run on the Montessori model encourage better Executive Function. And good old imaginative play with good friends may help the best:
Interventions shown to Aid Executive Function Development in Children 4–12 Years Old

Finally, some humor! First, an absolutely perfect send-up of postmodern literary theory:
A Review of 'Go, Dog, Go'

Next, a commercial that deserves to go viral. Anyone who was ever twelve years old and longing to grow up can relate to the girl in HelloFlo's new ad. Anyone who has ever been a parent (or teacher, or babysitter...) can cheer on her mother!
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