Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

Food Links

The good: Cake balls sound delicious. They remind me of a recipe that my son-in-law introduced me to, a treat that his grandmother makes, so rich that just one small piece satisfies all desire for dessert. I need to try these.

The bad: The worst of retro food. I do love kitsch, and '50s recipes, so normally I'd want to try a recipe for, say, Hotdog Salad Dressing. Fortunately, someone else has already tried them for me. Hotdog Salad Dressing? No thanks, I'll pass.

The ugly: Food tattoos. Some very unfortunate food tattoos. (Although the Little Debbie tattoo doesn't look too bad. I could see getting it. If I were the CEO of Little Debbie.)

And the fun: Make your own Ice Planets! This problematic food looks like so much fun to make and eat. I'm looking forward to a hot summer day, a few guests, and asteroids-onna-stick in the backyard.

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Tags: humor, recipes

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