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Hello from Ohio

On Friday the 7th, bbwoof and I drove to Cincinatti for a Samhain get-together with a group of Mensan Wiccans, mostly old friends. I talked with one of them about a possible technical writing position. The job would require coming out to Cincinatti for a week's worth of training, then returning for a day every month or two. Otherwise, I'd work from home. It's a good salary. I can handle a little travel, especially when we do have such good friends in the Cincinatti/Dayton area.

On Sunday, bbwoof drove home, and I was whisked off to Pennsylvania by our friends Bill and Brea. I spent a lovely week with them at their home in Nanty Glo, a dying little coal-mining town about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh. I soaked in their hot tub several times a day, drove past the site of the Johnstown flood, had dinner one night with their Reiki group, had dinner another night with their writers' group, and hiked a little way along the Ghost Town Trail at sunset. It was wonderful, and I loved spending time with them, but I am Ready to Go Home Now.

Woof is a little under the weather and very underslept. Bill's writing furiously against a deadline to finish his latest book on time. Brea and I are road-tripping it back to St. Louis. We drove six and a half hours yesterday to a friend's house here in Oxford, Ohio (home of Miami University). It's a warm little college town. Sadly, it's surrounded by places like Middletown, Ohio, where nothing but the cinema was open at 8:00 PM on a Saturday night, and the group of teens standing outside the theater were so excited seeing our out-of-state car on Main Street that they started hooting and hollering and waving their arms around as we drove past.

Today I played Rock Band for the first time. What can I say? It rocked! Then we went on a surprise visit to a party held by Brea's old SCA group, the Shire of Havenholde. They were suitably happy and surprised when she walked in the room. Good people, good food, but I am Ready to Go Home Now.

We set out tomorrow morning early for another six hour's worth of driving. Good thing gas in Ohio is so cheap -- we saw $1.71/gallon today! -- and that we have so many good friends along the way. Mensa is really like a family, if you want it to be.

I return to a house that has been occupied by an unsupervised male for eight days. He says he's taken out the trash, and that there are "fewer dirty dishes than you might think" waiting in the sink. I miss him. It will be Good to Go Home.
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