Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

To Do Around the House

Well, we tuckpointed the north wall of the house, and around the NW corner to replace the mortar in about one third of the western wall too. We got a new mortar chimney cap on too.

And we had a technician out to inspect the boilers. There are two of them, one for each floor. The upstairs boiler is fairly new, but the downstairs one is a big red monster, about 80 years old, that originally burned coal.

We have a dead bird in the flue, and the Old Red Monster Boiler is operating at just 40% efficiency. But it should get us through this winter safely. Next year we get to think about replacing it. (The technician suggested taking out the radiators and installing forced air heating. I'd consider it if it meant switching to electric heat. The local gas company is Teh Evil.)

This weekend we will Work On The House. What I'd like Woof and me to accomplish is:

  • put a nice thick layer of mulch on the garden for the winter

  • fix the garage door so it closes all the way, with no mouse-high crack left open at the bottom

  • sweep out the garage, straighten it out, set up the new saw on its stand

  • while doing the yard and garage work, grill hamburgers and hotdogs for lunches for the week

  • take the broken air conditioner out to the alley

  • take our good bedroom air conditioner out of the window for the winter

  • finish the custom-made bookshelves for our paperback books

  • fill the bookshelves with the paperback books

  • replace the old toilet seat

  • rest by taking the big comforters to the laundromat with Woof, to wash and fluff them for the winter

A full and frolicsome weekend it will be!
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