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About a month ago the LJ Mojo Meme was making the rounds. I took it on April 12 and posted the results here.


The meme results image has been replaced by a doctored photo of Goatse.

If you are not familiar with this photo, it is of a naked man bent over, penis dangling, holding his anus open with both hands. It is Very Not Safe For Work.

If there is any chance at all that you may have posted this meme yourself, and if you would get in trouble if a photo of this sort appeared on your computer at work, DO NOT OPEN YOUR RECENT LJ PAGE AT WORK TODAY. You might get an unpleasant surprise.

When you get a chance, please check your LJ for April 10 - 15 and make sure that you did not post this meme. If you did, whether you delete the image or not, please notify your friends' list of the hack. Give them a chance to take it down if they got it from you.

The hacker is d1rtyf1lthy, who thinks it was pretty funny.

I filed a complaint with LJ Abuse even though I was afraid it wouldn't be a violation of the TOS. And indeed, sadly, it is not. Whenever you reference a remotely-loaded offsite image in your journal, you run the risk of it being changed. Whether it is changed to a Kitteh or Goatse, it can be changed or removed by whoever controls the image, and LJ can't do a thing about it.

So don't bother LJ Abuse about it, it's not a violation of the TOS.

It would probably do no good to comment in d1rtyf1lthy's journal either. He seems the type to really get off on any attention, whether good or bad. But... I did it anyway. Oops, my bad.
Tags: meme, outrage

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