Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

Plans for 2007

Household Repairs/Improvements
  • Tuckpointing. Much as we hate to spend all that money, it has to be done.

  • Get the upstairs ready for tenants: Are all door handles functional? All closet lights fixed? All screens/storm windows in good shape? Add second light switch for stairwell light. Put a shelf or two in the old broom closet thing in the kitchen. Recaulk shower head. Clean thoroughly. Make arrangements to paint if necessary.

  • Get an electrician to put in a 220 volt outlet for the tenants' dryer, and a 220 volt outlet in the kitchen for the range-we-will-get-someday.

  • Install vent for tenants' dryer.

  • Get chest freezer functioning again. Half-fill it with jugs of distilled water for emergencies.

  • Finish emptying the basement of stuff we don't need and won't ever use.

  • Get someone out to service the furnaces and water heaters for next winter.

  • Turn the compost heap, rebuild the fence for it.

  • For the garden this year, put the peas in along the southern fence and put lettuces and spinach close to the house, where the peas were. Interplant carrots with radishes. Try the watermelon again. Tomatoes and peppers did so well, we'll need less this year. Try japanese eggplant. How about zucchini? In the bed to the north of the garage, plant rhubarb and blackberries. Maybe asparagus?

  • Tear down the gazebo thing to the south of the garage. Pull out part of the raised bed there and replace with concrete spacers on the ground (it's so not a good idea to have dirt right next to the garage wall in a termite area).

  • Repair the wooden fence between our yard and the neighbors to the south.

  • Dig out more of that weed tree between our yard and the neighbors to the north -- drill the stump and fill with chemicals if necessary. Project alt.weedtree.die.die.die

  • Windows! Replace front door windows, repairing woodwork that holds them. Remove and repair stained glass windows from upstairs apartment before renting it out. Remove and repair stained glass windows from our apartment. Replace stairwell window.

Other Purchases
  • Battery-powered fan, for the next time the power goes out.

  • Treadmill.

  • More bookshelves for library.

  • Sofabed or futon for library, so it will also be a guest room.

  • New stereo (turntable, CD player, cassette deck)

  • Fire extinguishers for kitchens.

  • Home backup generator?

  • New electric range? With a ventilator hood?

Our wedding is going to use up our travel budget for the year -- although I do hope to go to Chicago for a while after Sylvester is born, to help out Jo & Adam.

  • Exercise.

  • Waste less time doing unproductive things on the computer.

  • Get a permanent job.

  • Finally finish unpacking!
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