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And thennnnnn....

Yesterday morning bbwoof and I hosted the Mensa Brunch SIG at the Bristol, a luxurious buffet for $18.95, that gives you crawfish and trout and smoked salmon and chicken alfredo and eggs florentine and fruit salad and what-not to pass on the way to the chocolate fountain at the end.

Oooo, they had pecan pie, too. I'm usually impressed by the Bristol, but although the food was as good as ever, the quality of the service yesterday was markedly less than usual. I hope they're not going downhill.

On the way there, bbwoof and I were talking in the car about parallax, as one does on a Sunday morning before coffee, and I learned that the word 'parsec' comes from 'parallax second'. It's the distance an object has to be from Earth for its apparent change in position due to parallax, from one end of earth's orbit to another (six months later), to be one second of an arc. That's about 3.26 light years. This is incredibly cool, due to the combination of geometry and astronomy. (Trust me, it is.)

After brunch and a quick visit to the book store, we went to see my brother Mark perform in Tartuffe. A couple of years ago he'd played the part of the wealthy dupe Orgon in a community college production. But in this production he was Tartuffe himself, playing him as an oily lech. He was great, and the production was very funny, but bbwoof, in agreement with most of the reviews, didn't like the way the rhyming translation was handled. The actors unsusccessfully tried to make the verse sound like prose. A good actor can do that with Shakespeare's iambic pentameter, but it's a lot more difficult to do with heroic couplets. It sounded awkward too many times.

I've seen four different productions of Tartuffe, with two different translations. I think that the first one I ever saw was actually the funniest. It was put on by a community theater group in St. Charles on a tiny stage, and was farce at its best: doors opening and closing, split-second timing, a Dorine who acted her heart out, and a cheerful embrace of the artificial verse form of the language. (I saw it with maiabee8, and we spent the drive home talking to each other in rhymed couplets.) It used the exact same translation as this production did, but they did not try to make the verse sound like prose.

What I really did like about Mark's turn as Tartuffe was the way he portrayed him as a rather true-to-life conman, so glib and attractive that Orgon's infatuation is almost understandable. The stage business was wonderfully funny, too.

That's about it for the weekend. We'd had so much for brunch that we just had wine and cheese for supper. (bbwoof also polished off the last leftover pork chop with sauerkraut.)

I put up the last of the jalapenos in sherry instead of pickling them, and cleaned the pantry. bbwoof took down the air conditioners and window fans. We did a little grocery shopping, a little laundry, a little tidying up.

Tonight we may get our first freeze of the season. I'll need to pick all the green tomatoes as soon as I get home, to make green tomato relish out of them. I still need to pickle the bell peppers that fill the bottom of the fridge. Tonight we'll also need to drain and store the garden hoses. And I've got a box full of Halloween decorations to put up. I love getting ready for winter, it feels so snug and cozy.
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