Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

Trivia, books, Magic. Life is Good.

A good weekend, even though it was much too short.

On Friday night bbwoof and I led Team Zoole at a trivia night held waaaaaaaay out in Chesterfield. We had to leave work early to get there by 6:30. And our table came in fifth place (we sucked at TV and music trivia questions!). But we had a good time.

Sadly, bbwoof and I argued on the way home. I didn't like the way he was driving, he didn't like the way I was whimpering when I thought he was going to run into something. I'm a terrible passenger at the best of times -- much prefer driving myself -- but for some reason both of us were on edge on Friday and we just made each other miserable.

The good thing, though, is that we talked and resolved our issues when we got home. (The bad thing is that by the time we were through with that, we were too sleepy for sex.)

On Saturday we slept late, opened a couple of new Magic decks, heated up a pizza, and had a very enjoyable lazy morning. The guy who was supposed to repair and repaint the porch ceiling showed up late, without all his equipment. After futzing around for half an hour he left with no work done. But he's cheap and well-recommended, so we're going to give him a chance to come back this afternoon and try again.

On Saturday afternoon we went to reannon's book signing in South County mall, then hung out for a while with reannon, the Triskells, their friend Rachel, and two extremely cute children. ohari treated us all to linner, besides smooching on my neck, which is always pleasant.

I discovered that I really like the food at Penn Station -- there's one just around the corner from us, but I'd never been to it. We dropped by the bank so I could deposit some checks. And I got my phone switched out, yay!

My old cell phone used to call people whenever it felt lonely. Several times a day. I'd get return calls all the time from people in my phonebook, asking me why I'd rung them up three times in a row and never said a word. But with the clam-shell phone I hope that won't happen anymore. Now all I have to do is figure out how to set the various ringer tones on this model.

On Sunday we went to the Bristol for brunch, then spent the rest of the rainy day doing several loads of laundry, unpacking a couple of boxes, moving furniture, shelving books, and doing little maintenance things. While folding laundry we watched an episode of Smallville, an episode of Sex and the City, and a movie -- that's how much laundry there was!

We also played more Magic, and I finished reading the latest Harry Dresden book. I will now have to wait until APRIL to read the next one. This is the great drawback of reading living authors.

Still to be done: pick and pickle more peppers, pull weeds, mop the kitchen floor, set up the new computer table, unpack and put away about two dozen more boxes. Someday, by golly, we're going to live like grownups.
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