January 12th, 2015

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Moving On

Is there a way to archive posts so that I do not see them, but they are not deleted and gone forever? Much of this past year is much too painful for me to review.
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Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

It's been a long and angsty road, but I've realized that bbwoof is not going to change his mind, is not going to explain to me what went wrong -- and even if he would do so, he has not ever made the sort of commitment to me that I expect and deserve.

One day last October I accepted this, and absolutely gave up on him.

That same evening an attractive man, someone I'd been lightly flirting with, suddenly started flirting back. A lot. And a week later, at a Halloween party, he and I started being "us".

The more I get to know Sveinn, the more I realize how remarkably suited we are for each other. I love getting to know him!

So it turns out that Halloween is still lucky for me, after all.
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What's Cooking at Turf House?

This is a no-money-left week. Stretching the budget through creative use of what I have on hand!

Sunday: Dinner and Downton Abbey at Mom's house
Monday: Clear-out-the-fridge Curry.Slowly brown onions and garlic with garam masala in olive oil and butter. Add that cup of leftover chickpeas, a half-package of spinach, the end bit of tomato paste, some water, brown rice, and half of the leftover turkey from the freezer. Simmer until it smells SO GOOD.
Tuesday: Omelet made with peppers, sheep's cheese, and home-made gravlax.
Wednesday: The rest of the leftover turkey with hollandaise sauce, served over rice and peas.
Thursday: Fried eggs on Spanish rice.
Friday: Dinner out with the family.
Saturday: Dinner with Sveinn.