May 7th, 2007

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We Did Stuff

After many weekends perfecting the fine art of doing nothing, bbwoof and I were out and about a lot this weekend.

We saw "Raiders: The Adaptation" on Friday, and loved it. Read theferrett's review of the film, it's a perfect description.

We met up with dakiwiboid there and returned some books to her, then took her out for a light dinner and massive dessert at Cyrano's. It's not the same as it used to be when I was in high school and it was THE date restaurant. But still there were teens in prom clothes there, the girls in dresses that made them look older than they are, and the boys in suits that emphasized how young they are.

On Saturday we had a disappointingly bland lunch at a new noodle restaurant we'd wanted to try, then played Magic in a release tournament. The draft started late because there weren't enough people at first. I walked around the mall while I was waiting, and felt how badly out of shape I am -- must walk more! I came in fourth and Woof came in first, yay Woof!

Afterwards, dinner at a very good Ponderosa, the one on S. Lindbergh Blvd., not far from I-55. It is the very best Ponderosa I've ever been to, and I don't mean that in an ironic way.

Today we had our Mensa brunch at Meriweather's, then went to the Zoo to meet up with Ashe and Menzy and Rosemary. Fi and Squishy were able to come see Ashe too. More walking, which is good for me but, man! Am I out of shape and not used to it! We saw the bears, great apes, otters and seals, and that was about as much zoo as I could do on a hot day. It was good to spend time with everybody, though.

Tonight Woof and I had chicken sandwiches and sorted out the Magic cards we'd won yesterday. And now we're just sitting up too late, playing around on the computer, getting caught up on all the online stuff we'd skipped this weekend. It was fun!
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Good news out of the Middle East, and nobody's reporting it

Iran just made a huge peace gesture to the West, and nobody's reporting it in English except a couple of Canadian newspapers.

Why is this?

Israeli spends several hours with friendly Iranians after emergency landing
Monday, May 7th, 2007
Canadian Press

JERUSALEM (AP) - When Iranian agents boarded an airplane that made an emergency landing in Tehran, the only Israeli passenger on board feared the worst.

Instead, he left with a gift of a wooden music box and an invitation to return when times are better.

Israeli scientist Benny Medvedev told Israeli news media he spent several harrowing hours in Tehran over the weekend after a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to India made two emergency landings due to mechanical problems. Israel and Iran are staunch enemies and have no diplomatic relations.

When the crew informed the 123 passengers the plane was landing the first time Friday, the terrified Medvedev tried to persuade the pilot to let him stay in the cabin, he told the Yediot Ahronot newspaper.

The pilot refused and the Israeli sat between British tourists with the hope he would not be discovered as the only Israeli on the airplane, he told Yediot. But when the Iranian security boarded the airplane, they walked directly to Medvedev.

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Did you know...?

For a comment else-journal, I looked up some statistics on the CDC website.

Pregnancy and childbirth used to be the most common cause of death for women of childbearing age. In some parts of the world, it still is. But the best of modern medicine has not made pregnancy totally safe.

In 2004, 654 women died of pregnancy in the United States. That's close to the number of people who died from firearm accidents (661 that year), or of meningitis (720 that year).

Pregnancy is still physically dangerous. Women still risk death to carry babies to term. It must be done of only their own free will.