Becky (beckyzoole) wrote,

Things to do in 2006: Household

Vent the tenant's dryer out the back basement window, instead of sharing a dryer vent
Bring all electricity up to modern standards
Various cement work: tuckpointing the back porch, fixing the back walk, and repairing the chimney cap
Fix the pantry door knob so it will stop falling off (ideally in a way that preserves the original glass knob)

Plant flowers in middle terrace
Dig out weeds from beds in back, cover with black plastic to kill weeds
Plant at least a couple of tomato plants this year.
Maybe a tub of mint, too.
And some parsley, and radishes, and bell pepper, and zucchini, and basil, and lettuce?
Put a nice fragrant dwarf lilac or two in the space on the east side of the front steps

Purchases -- New
Microwave oven, possibly an over-the-range model with a range hood
Toaster (simple little one)
Basic laser printer
Garbage disposal unit
This bookcase for the bedroom, to match our new wardrobes
Hand shower attachment for shower-head
Dehumidifier for the basement

Purchases -- Used
Air Conditioner window units (the Higginbothams are installing central air and may sell us their four window units)
Freezer for the basement
Couch for basement rec room
Coffee table/folding table for basement rec room
Bookcases for guest-bedroom/office

Purchases -- Pie in the Sky
Good fast computer for me, definitely with flat screen, possibly laptop?
Kitchen range with sealed burners so it's easy to keep clean
Ventilation fan in bathroom (we'd have to cut a hole in the outer wall)
Lazy Boy recliner for bbwoof
A comfy swivel rocker chair for me, with an ottoman to put my feet up
Love seat for guests to sit on
Tags: 2006 planning, house, purchases

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