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I purchased a dresser from a local guy for just $5 off of eBay; bbwoof and I picked it up this morning. Yesterday we bought a stand with drawers for the closet. Tomorrow I'm going to get several large plastic bins for storing out-of-season and too-small clothes. We may actually, possibly, get organized here.

Today we went to the Mensa Memorial Day Picnic. Which has nothing to do with furniture, but is an interesting thing. Especially since, on a sugar rush from s'mores brownies, I agreed to chair the St Louis Regional Gathering for the coming year. I expect this to eventually take an insane amount of time, keeping me out of trouble for months and longing for a pitcher of martinis as soon as it is all over.

Chairing an RG is mostly a matter of herding volunteers, with the eventual goal of feeding and entertaining about 100 people at a Holiday Inn over Presidents' Day Weekend. We're getting started a little late. I would have preferred to have at least a year for this, but, oh well. First order of business is signing the contract with the hotel (same terms as last year), then getting the national office to list us in the calendar. I'll have to get some fliers made up and really push hard on publicity. The best part about an RG is seeing people from all over. And playing Double-Deck Elimination Cut-throat Go-Fish Hearts.
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