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What's Cooking?

Sunday: It's almost the end of the summer, and Sveinn is out of town building a replica Viking longhouse, but the Pizza Quest continues! Kris and I went to St Louis Pizza & Wings, in Florissant. It was hard to find the little store-front take-out pizza place, hidden in the back of a strip mall at right angles to the main road. But it was worth doubling back to find it. This is excellent cheese pizza, with a chewy crust, lots of cheese, and a sauce that hits the just-right balance point between sweet and tangy. I want to go back again!

Monday: Something creative with the leftover chicken. Pasta?

Tuesday: Dinner from the synagogue where I teach Hebrew in an after-school program on Tuesdays. They've started this as a fund-raiser, marketed mostly to parents of the students but also available for the teachers: pick up dinner when you pick up your child! Dinner tonight is chicken fajitas.

Wednesday: Polish sausage and sauerkraut; potatoes; brussels sprouts.

Thursday: Fend for yourself, eat-up-the-leftovers night.

Friday: Chicken curry; spinach; rice.

Saturday: Beef stew with beans.
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What's Cooking?

Sunday: Eat out as part of Kris's Summer Pizza Quest. (We went to Cecil Whittaker's for North County Pizza. Verdict? The crust was too wimpy and the sauce too sweet, the cheese was just OK, but the heavy pile of fresh vegetables on the veggie pizza was pretty good.)

Monday: Sveinn made something good for us to eat, but I was so tired that I don't remember what it was.

Tuesday: Pasta with tuna and vegetables in tomato sauce

Wednesday: Baked chicken breast, bulgur salad

Thursday: At my mother-in-law's house

Friday: At my mother-in-law's house

Saturday: At my mother-in-law's house
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Hello World

  • Kris got his learner's permit today! Hurray! (Kris is my 16-year-old stepson, and he has thus taken his first step towards American adulthood.)

  • Tomorrow we're driving up to Minnesota to visit Sveinn's mother and brother on the farm. Sveinn's father grew up there, near a small town that's described as "very diverse -- we've got a Swedish Lutheran church AND a Norwegian Lutheran church". It's my first visit. I am looking forward to the weekend, and also apprehensive.

  • I work as a barista at Starbucks, and as a Hebrew teacher at a nearby Conservative Jewish congregation. I'm studying to retake the GREs, as my scores from 30 years ago are outdated. The goal is to get accepted into Aleph's rabbinical program.

  • I keep injuring my bad ankle. It keeps responding by getting more and more arthritic. Therefore, I haven't put armor on since the Grey Niche war last September. But I still like to think of myself as a fledgling fighter in the SCA.

  • We put a significant chunk of our savings into waterproofing the basement after it flooded last December. Soon, we'll put even more into refinishing it. Has to be done, though, as the house is too small for all our combined stuff without using the basement. I'm looking forward to getting the family room back!

  • If you haven't already guessed... Reader, I married him. ;-)

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What's Cooking at Turf House?

This is a no-money-left week. Stretching the budget through creative use of what I have on hand!

Sunday: Dinner and Downton Abbey at Mom's house
Monday: Clear-out-the-fridge Curry.Slowly brown onions and garlic with garam masala in olive oil and butter. Add that cup of leftover chickpeas, a half-package of spinach, the end bit of tomato paste, some water, brown rice, and half of the leftover turkey from the freezer. Simmer until it smells SO GOOD.
Tuesday: Omelet made with peppers, sheep's cheese, and home-made gravlax.
Wednesday: The rest of the leftover turkey with hollandaise sauce, served over rice and peas.
Thursday: Fried eggs on Spanish rice.
Friday: Dinner out with the family.
Saturday: Dinner with Sveinn.
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Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

It's been a long and angsty road, but I've realized that bbwoof is not going to change his mind, is not going to explain to me what went wrong -- and even if he would do so, he has not ever made the sort of commitment to me that I expect and deserve.

One day last October I accepted this, and absolutely gave up on him.

That same evening an attractive man, someone I'd been lightly flirting with, suddenly started flirting back. A lot. And a week later, at a Halloween party, he and I started being "us".

The more I get to know Sveinn, the more I realize how remarkably suited we are for each other. I love getting to know him!

So it turns out that Halloween is still lucky for me, after all.
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Moving On

Is there a way to archive posts so that I do not see them, but they are not deleted and gone forever? Much of this past year is much too painful for me to review.
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Productive day

I baked bread today!Also cut out the fabric for my 1490's Venetian gown, pinned and fiddled and fitted the bodice for the underdress, cleaned the kitchen, harvested herbs, and made an Elsa cloak for my goddaughter.

The suggested drinking game  for Halloween this year is to take a drink whenever an Elsa comes to the door. I think that would leave us all plastered by 8 o'clock. :-D