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Behold the Power of Salad

A few months ago, Woof and I instituted one small change in our diet. We made it a habit to include raw produce with every meal. This meant making sure that breakfast included fresh fruit, and that lunch included salad or carrot sticks or the equivalent. And we start every dinner with a salad.

That's it. We didn't remove anything. We already use mainly whole-grain breads and cereals; we already avoid soda; we already take fish oil supplements. But we didn't count calories, reduce fat, reduce carbs. Just... added salad.

Last week I saw my doctor for my semi-annual check-up. My GP monitors my cholesterol and glucose levels every six months, since I am overweight, sedentary, with a family history of diabetes and heart disease, and pre-diabetic glucose levels.

Heh. They were pre-diabetic glucose levels. Just got the lab results from last week, and my fasting glucose is now below 100 mg/dL. My A1C is below 6%. I am officially no longer "pre-diabetic"!

Also, my total cholesterol has fallen, since six months ago, from 206 to 179. My LDL is waaaaaay down, my triglycerides are down, and my HDL is markedly up. The ratios of HDL to triglycerides, total cholesterol, and LDL are all great, in the "ideal" range.

I am still sedentery, still overweight -- but now I am a salad-eater. Go ye and eat salads! They make a difference.

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