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Mar. 17th, 2008 (UTC)

If Basic accounts are to be eliminated, though, that action should be taken only after approval of the Advisory Board

That hurts my head. It is an Advisory Board, not a Governing Board. As in, they advise SUP/LJ - and SUP/LJ is free to follow that advice, or not. The Advisory Board doesn't approve, or disapprove, anything - that is not their role. They offer input on how they think things should, or should not, be done. But that's just one input into the decision matrix, and SUP may decide that they have good cause to make decisions counter to what the Advisory Board recommends.

As for consultation with the LJ Community of Users - that's generally not a good idea. A bad way to run a company is to run your decisions by your user base. Listening to input in general, doing surveys, data mining, etc, are all good ideas. Floating decisions out for consultation with the users - a very bad idea. Because any decision is going to annoy and/or upset some segment of users, and all you'll do is spend time trying to deal with the squeaky wheel.

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